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Download the £1-a-point donation form here

From the summer of 2010 the football club were saved from going out of business by a group of supporters and that continues today as those supporters and more in this 2018/19 season help run the club as it strives to remain competitive in the Southern League. With the day to day costs of running the football club extremely high additional finance comes from our Supporters Club and the ‘Fund Raising Initiatives’ they use to raise this finance.

With that in mind the Supporters Club initiated the ‘£1 a Point Donation’ a few season’s ago which contributes a sizable amount to the team’s travel costs throughout the season as it did last season when a total of over £640 was donated by our supporters.

Many of you know about the clubs financial plight back in the summer of 2010 and the club will always be on the brink of this again with its current match attendances so its imperative that we continue with our Supporters Club Initiatives and hopefully improve our £1-a-point membership for the 2018/19 season.

So, if you’re looking to support this family club in a small financial way then this is the perfect vehicle to do so. It’s as simple as it sounds, commit to donating £1 for every point the first team achieve and your contribution will support the football club with it’s Southern League survival plans.

If you were a member of the ‘Pound a Point Donation’ team last season then please join again for this 2018/19 season (if you have already done so, many thanks) and if you weren’t a member then please consider doing so and join our band of loyal supporters and members for 2018/19.

To join just click the 2018/19 application form above to print off a form which can then be completed and posted to the club. Then your journey of enjoyment and personal involvement in supporting the progress of the football club in a small but truly valued financially will commence.

2018/19 Members so far this season…


Please contact us email if you can support our £1-a-point-donation and wish to support the club in a small financial way….

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