Management & Staff

Swindon Supermarine Football Club Limited is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital.
Our company number is 07973626 and our Directors are:
Jez Webb, Steve Moore, Alan Fletcher, Keith Yeomans

Swindon Supermarine FC
The Webbswood Stadium
Supermarine Road

Tel: 01793 828778

Chairman: Jez Webb email

Vice Chairman: Keith Yeomans email | or email

Commercial Director: VACANT

Director & Supermarine Land Ltd Secretary: Alan Fletcher email

Treasurer: Steve Wheeler email

President: Steve Moore email

Community Trust: Kerry Walklett email

Fixtures & Football Secretary: Keith Yeomans email | or email

Stadium & Clubhouse: Keith Yeomans email | email

Committee: Dave Rideout, Kate Tomlinson, Nick Taylor

Social Media & Press Officer: Aleck Everard email

Groundsman & Facilities: Bob Hunt, Connor Hanlon, Adam Hunt

Manager: Lee Spalding email

Sports Therapist: Diamond Pro-Cure Sports Therapy
Contact: Darren Beers (Head of Medical Services) 07733 120485
Jordan Barnes (First Team Sports Therapist)

Supporters Club Shop: Martin Osman email

Club Photographer: Jeff Youd email

Website & Programme Editor: Keith Yeomans email | or email

Women’s Team Website Contributor: Kerry Walklett email