Management & Staff

Swindon Supermarine Football Club Limited is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital.
Our company number is 07973626 and our Directors are:
Jez Webb, Steve Moore, Alan Fletcher, Keith Yeomans

Swindon Supermarine FC
The Webbswood Stadium
Supermarine Road

Tel: 01793 828778

Chairman: Jez Webb - email

Vice Chairman: Keith Yeomans - email

Commercial Director: Steve Moore

Finance Manager: Steve Wheeler - email

President: Steve Moore

Community Trust: Kerry Walklett - email

Committee: Roy Heather, Freda Heather, Dave Rideout, Kate Tomlinson, Nick Taylor, Brian Davis

Fixtures Secretary: Sean Rudd - email

Southern League Secretary: Keith Yeomans - Football Secretary

Stadium & Clubhouse: Keith Yeomans - email or Football Secretary

Social Media & Press Officer: Brian Davis - email

Groundsman & Facilities: Bob Hunt, Roy Heather, Connor Hanlon, Adam Hunt

Manager: Lee Spalding - email

Sports Therapist: Diamond Pro-Cure Sports Therapy
Contact Darren Beers (Head of Medical Services) 07733 120485
Jordan Barnes (First Team Sports Therapist)
Robyn Higgs (Match Day Sports Therapist)
Katie Cousins (Match Day Sports Therapist)

Supporters Club Shop: Martin Osman - email

Club Photographer: Jeff Youd - email

Website & Programme Editor: Keith Yeomans - email or Football Secretary

Southern League(