Christmas Draw 2018 Winners

Friday December 28th 2018

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Christmas Draw 2018 Winners

Posted by Keith Yeomans

First of all, apologies for the late update on the club website for the 2018 Christmas Draw. This report wasn’t fully completed and updated on line in the week after the draw on Saturday 22nd December.

Please find a list of all the winners below and the link to download the prize list. If the few that haven’t received their prizes could get in touch with me please, email and I will arrange to get your prize to you.

Finally, many thanks to everyone that sold a ticket, from the chairman, board, staff, players and the many supporters that also sold tickets, well done and a big thank you, see you next year.

Happy New Year to your all

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1st VIP Day for Two at Arsenal Premier League 889 DEAN @ WEBBS JEZ WEBB
2nd Tour of the Houses of Parliament Justin Tomlinson MP 2764 JEZ WEBB JEZ WEBB
3rd Large Festive Hamper Swindon Supermarine 457 BUSBY JOHN BARNES
4th Medium Festive Hamper Swindon Supermarine 84 JUDY CO-OP FUNERAL JOHN BARNES
5th Italian Festive Hamper Swindon Supermarine 1928 SOXY SOXY
6th Three Bottle of Prosecco Swindon Supermarine 2882 ARCHER BRIAN LONG
7th Bottle of Whiskey Roy & Frieda Heather 2249 MATT WILLIAMS MATT WILLIAMS
8th Bottle of Brandy Alan Fletcher 2001 MARTIN DUNNE KEITH YEOMANS
9th Bottle of Jamisons Whiskey Steve Wheeler 643 ALAN WILSON GRAHAM CUTLER
10th Bottle of Whiskey Alan Fletcher 1291 MOIRA RUDD SEAN RUDD
11th Bottle Grants Whiskey Swindon Supermarine 175 PRIEST JOHN BARNES
12th Bottle of Barcardi Swindon Supermarine 1745 ROY DUNN STEVE WHEELER
13th Bottle of Gordons Gin Swindon Supermarine 1679 MICHEALLA STEVE WHEELER
14th Bottle of Pink Gin Swindon Supermarine 1670 CRAIG WHEELER STEVE WHEELER
15th Box of Carling Swindon Supermarine 745 TERRY CRUMBIE GRAHAM CUTLER
16th Box of Budweisser Swindon Supermarine 2781 DAVID FORSTER JEZ WEBB
17th Box of Stongbow Swindon Supermarine 1616 FOOTBALL PHIL MARTIN OSMAN
18th Box of Stella Swindon Supermarine 751 MICK COURTNEY JEZ WEBB
19th Bottle of Prosecco Martin Osman 1487 KAREN SHEPHARD KAREN SHEPHARD
20th Bottle of Baileys Dave Rideout 1216 NICK TAYLOR NICK TAYLOR
21st Bottle of Red Wine Jez Webb 2771 SARAH @WEBBS JEZ WEBB
22nd Bottle of Shiraz Steve Wheeler 883 DEAN @ WEBBS JEZ WEBB
23rd Bottle of Wine Jez Webb 1782 DANIEL HUGHES REG KILFOYLE
24th Bottle of Wine Jez Webb 1831 DARREN WINTER REG KILFOYLE
25th Tub of Quality Streets Swindon Supermarine 354 DENIS JOHN BARNES
26th Tin of Chocolates Nick Taylor 884 DEAN @ WEBBS JEZ WEBB
27th Tin of Shortbread Biscuits Swindon Supermarine 1508 MARTIN OSMAN MARTIN OSMAN
28th Tub of Celebrations Alan Fletcher 82 NIKKI DORE JOHN BARNES
29th Box of Chocolates Martin Osman 1661 DEBBIE STEVE WHEELER
30th Tin of Chocolate Biscuits Jez Webb 2069 LIZ SWINDALL PAUL SWINDALL
Keith Yeomans
Keith Yeomans