Player Update (2)

Tuesday 2nd July 2019

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Player Update (2)

Posted by Keith Yeomans

After the first list of the signings was published on June 19th, there have been a some more signings over the past week to add to the 2019/20 squad manager Lee Spalding (pictured) is assembling.

Joining those players signed earlier, Spalding is pleased to report that Harry Williams, Dan Williamson, Henry Spalding and Brad Hooper have all agreed terms and have re-signed ahead of the start of our preseason friendlies on Friday, welcome to the club for another season lads.

List of Players Signed for the 2019/20 season is:


  • Martin Horsell


  • Dan Williamson
  • Michael Hopkins
  • Louis Spalding
  • Matt Coupe
  • Matt Williams

Defenders / Midfielders

  • Mat Liddiard
  • Joe Shepherd


  • Jamie Edge
  • Calvin Dinsley
  • Brad Hooper
  • Henry Spalding
  • Ryan Campbell
  • Dave Bampton


  • Stuart Fleetwood (c)
  • Harry Williams
  • Brad Gray
  • Conor McDonagh
Keith Yeomans
Keith Yeomans